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Hacking by Crossing


Hacking growth of startups by crossing UX and Data


Data-driven UX becomes a standard way to increase corporate value



Providing high specialties in 3 areas of UX Design, Data Science, and Digital Strategy


Hacking growth by speedy and seamless crossing UX and Data


Achieving sustainable and reproducible growth with Data-driven UX

Company profile


​co-lab Shibuya Cast.,
1-23-21 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0002, Japan


Established in July 2017

CEO: Atsushi Sugawa

CEO biography

Atsushi Sugawa

  • LinkedIn

Majored in Artificial Intelligence at Osaka Univ., involved in research and development related to inference engine and knowledge base. Won the 1998 Best Paper Award of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence for "An Index Navigator: Understanding and Expressing User's Changing Interest".

Joined Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. in April 1998, involved in development of products such as VoIP calling apps, as a UI engineer.

Joined Netyear Group Corp. in August 2005, involved in over 100 of digital strategic projects such as CRM, EC, and mobile ordering, for major companies, as a strategic planner, a UX designer, a data scientist, or a project manager. In addition, managed total of over 50 people as a team manager from April 2010, and a new business worth 500 million yen of annual sales as a business manager from April 2018.

Founded CROSSHACK Inc. in July 2017, involved in digital strategic projects for startups, as well as research and development of a unique framework, Data-driven UX.

Business overview

Finance and Marketing

Support for Finance and Marketing,
for startups driving innovation

Service Design and Growth

Support for Service Design and Growth,
for digital services using advanced technology

Research and Development

R&D of methods enabling Data-driven UX
such as Data Ethnography and UX Modeling

Media Operation

Operation of “
as a Value Emergence Media with UX and Data 

Please feel free to contact us,
if you have questions for our services, requests for work, or proposals for collaboration.

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